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Learn how to use research-based techniques to improve your dog’s bad behavior.

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Changing Voluntary Behavior in Dogs.

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Among the behaviors dogs display, threats and aggression are the most unnerving and are a cause for concern.

Threating Aggressive BehaviorThreats and Aggression are often times the reason for the millions of dogs who end up in shelters, or more tragically, destroyed. Many people blame aggression on breed, but any breed of dog can present with aggression, so don’t think your dog is beyond help just because he/she is a certain breed or gender.

There is a difference between threatening behavior and aggressive behavior.

Some examples of threatening behavior are growling, lunging, snapping the air, nipping (without leaving a wound or bruise), and barking in a threatening way. Threatening behavior can be offensive (dog is more likely to move forward and bite), defensive (dog is usually fearful and would rather avoid a confrontation), or ambivalent (a mixture of both offensive and defensive threats are displayed).

Aggressive behavior is a when a dog bites and produces an injury. There is a gray area here because there is some disagreement about what constitutes a wound. Obviously, a puncture or tear in the flesh is a wound. But, is a bruise or a scratch a wound? It’s a bit unclear, but it is still important to recognize the difference between threats and aggression, to know the different types, and to attempt to change it.

If your dog is demonstrating threatening or aggressive behavior toward people or animals, it is critical that you intervene quickly. Dogs should NEVER be allowed to practice this behavior, or it will become worse and more likely to occur. It may feel like a hopeless situation, but if you contact me we can work together to help your dog overcome aggression issues.

Threatening/Aggressive response can be reduced with the proper implementation of training techniques.

If you want relief and have a desire to have a changed dog, it is not hopeless. You need more than just dog training or obedience classes. Learn how you and your dog can be happier, more stable and continue to share a better lifestyle together with my help. So if you suspect threatening behavior or aggressive behavior in a dog like biting, growling, lunging, snapping the air, nipping, and barking in a threatening way this is a cause for concern, please contact me.

If you are struggling and wondering “Can an aggressive dog be rehiblitated?” then contact me and discuss your situation.