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Changing Voluntary Behavior in Dogs.

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Dominate BehaviorDominance is the most misunderstood area of dog behavior, which has inadvertently led to the misinterpretation of behavior issues in dogs, and ultimately, the mistreatment of dogs.

Dominance has its place in dog behavior, but contrary to the popularly held belief, dogs are NOT constant pursuers of status.

Have you read or been told that if your dog jumps on you, she is being dominant? Have you been told that if your dog goes through a door before you, he is being dominant? Have you been told not to allow your dog on the couch or to sleep with you because she’s being dominant over you?

These are just a few of the most common myths regarding dominance in dogs, and there are many more!  

If you want your dog to stop jumping on you, to follow you through a door, or to sleep in his own bed rather than yours, fine. Just know why you are doing these things and understand that none of them has anything to do with dominance. When dogs are presenting with aggressive issues, many owners and even trainers will use dominance repeatedly as the reason for the aggressive response; however, it is most often NOT due to dominance and treating it as such can be dangerous.

Contact me before assuming your dog has a dominance issue, or you suspect your dog is trying to be dominant, and make the wrong choices in your attempt to “correct” it. Contrary to what you may have read or been told, the following are NON-examples of dominance:

  • jumping on you or guests
  • walking through doors in front of you
  • leash pulling
  • urine marking
  • growling/nipping
  • ignoring commands
  • sleeping in your bed