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Learn how to use research-based techniques to improve your dog’s bad behavior.

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Changing Voluntary Behavior in Dogs.

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Insecure or Fearful

Fearful behavior often occurs for various reasons such as a lack of or poor socialization, or past traumatic experiences.

Helping dogs overcome these issues takes time, patience, and consistency. For dogs with severe fear-based issues, it is sometimes necessary to include the help of a qualified veterinarian or applied animal behaviorist, who are professionals who hold a Phd in Applied Animal Behavior.

Breed Characteristics

There is a misconception that because of breed, certain behaviors cannot be avoided due genetics. This is inaccurate and a misconception about the link between genetics and behavior. Behavior in dogs is multi-faceted and complex.

With my help, we can discuss training techniques and methods that can help improve behavior regardless of breed.

Is your dog afraid, fearful or do you suspect past traumatic experiences or abuse?