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Learn how to use research-based techniques to improve your dog’s bad behavior.

Contact Stacy Hulen for help with improving your dog’s behavior. If you want a better behaved dog, take action and contact me to discuss your situation.

Changing Voluntary Behavior in Dogs.

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Initial Meeting for Behavior Issues:  

Assuming you have seen a veterinarian to rule out medical issues and after a purposeful discussion regarding your situation, we can meet together to design a training program to directly address your dog’s issues.

Often times, dog’s present with behavioral issues such as aggression, and owners take them to obedience classes. Obedience training is very useful, but it is often insufficient in improving dogs with issues. The appropriate behavior modification method and correct implementation of that method are essential to improving and changing voluntary behaviors in dogs.

For these issues, I typically meet with owners in their homes and spend time with you and the dog to assess and evaluate the situation.

We will work together to design a behavior modification plan that works for you and your dog. You will not be left on your own! Support will be provided along the way via face-to-face consultations, email, and phone conversations.

Obedience Training:


I do offer one-on-one basic obedience training for dogs and puppies using positive training methods.  Contact me today to set up an appointment.


I am affiliated with Tuscarora Country Club for Dogs located in Mt. Pleasant, NC. Here, we offer a board and train program for dogs and older puppies. After an initial evaluation, the dog is boarded for a predetermined time based on the amount of training needed and trained on a daily basis. In addition to training, Tuscarora offers daily walks on their nature trail, extra play sessions, and golf cart rides. Please follow the link below, and contact Alan Kelly for pricing and additional information.

Ask me about discounts to teachers, police officers, firefighters, military, and those who work for non-profit organizations (like youth ministries, etc), and dog foster parents.

You can learn how to train your dog with my help!

Has your dog been kicked out of dog obedience class?

Has it been recommended that you have your dog destroyed? Even if you have been told your dog cannot be helped, there is still a chance.

Remember, dogs aren’t manipulative, devious, and they don’t premeditate. These are parts of human behavior, but none of it applies to dogs. 

Whether your dog’s behavioral issues are serious or minor, and you believe that you need outside help, please contact me to discuss your situation.