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Learn how to use research-based techniques to improve your dog’s bad behavior.

Contact Stacy Hulen for help with improving your dog’s behavior. If you want a better behaved dog, take action and contact me to discuss your situation.

Changing Voluntary Behavior in Dogs.

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Before getting a dog or puppy.A new dog or puppy is a huge decision and a long-term commitment.

If you are considering an adoption, it’s best practice to plan and do some research before bringing the dog home. If you are confused or unsure about where to begin, contact me for some assistance.

Thoughtful consideration prior to bringing a new dog or puppy into your home can ensure a lasting, fulfilling relationship between you and your new pal!

  • Find out how to choose the puppy or dog that will fit your lifestyle and be your best friend and lifetime companion.
  • Learn exactly what to do when you first bring your puppy or dog home to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for both dog and owner.
  • Find out how to puppy/dog proof your home to keep your new addition safe and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions and things to consider before you bring your puppy or new dog home.

Learn what kind of dog to get!